Gray Furry Vamp Slippers

Welcome to 2021 lovely! Such a chilly atmosphere isn't it? Your feet is as important as your whole body therefore it needs warmth too. A woman can never have too many footwears.  In fact, a woman needs as many footwears as possible.

Are you worried about slipping off the water poured on the floor? With this slippers, you cannot slip, maximum security huh? Lol; this slippers is non slippery. You will notice the water on the floor, but no slipping.

What about when you want to go for a little walk in the neighborhood? Or wanna get something in the local store? This slippers will get people to admire your look as you put it on.

You can also get your desired color at our store as you wish.

Do you not wanna get one? Or two? Hop on it dear, it is for you. Available in different sizes.

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